2023 Flyers Fathers and Mentors Trip takes Nashville

Travis Politakis
December 18, 2023  (5:39 PM)

As the Flyers wrapped up their most recent road trip in Nashville on December 12, the road trip finale was a special night for the Flyers' players and their families. The 2023 Flyers Fathers and Mentors trip took to Nashville as new GM Danny Briere and the Flyers staff made it a special evening for the families.

This trip not only gave the families a chance to explore the exciting city of Nashville and see their sons play, but it also gave them the chance to see their sons amidst a busy hockey season and connect.

The dads got the chance to watch practice, interact with coaches, front office members and other teammates and get an all-access look at life in the NHL.
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It was a special opportunity for the players as well as they were able to see family members who traveled from far lengths to make the trip as GM Danny Briere acknowledged at the family dinner as he made a toast.
"It wouldn't be possible without them."

Right winger Garnet Hathaway was especially emotional reflecting on the opportunity to see his father as well as sharing in the moment with his teammates.
"It's been unbelievable. It's really special. I think when you realize how much our dads, or anyone that we have here as a mentor, how much they sacrifice for us to get to where we are, it's been so much and it means so much to us. So we've been able to share this trip, share what it's like for us to live out our dream of playing in the NHL. It's taken a lot of work for all the guys here but it's been one thing that, it wouldn't be possible without the help of those dads, those mentors on the trip.»
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