Anti-Pride NHL Player Gets Asked to Sign Pride Flag by Troll of a Fan

Published September 26, 2023 at 3:16

Debate Surrounds Player's Refusal of Pride Jerseys

The NHL's Pride Jersey controversy from last season remains a topic of discussion, with varying viewpoints emerging among players.

The contentious issue arose when some players chose not to wear Pride warmup jerseys, which were slated for charity auctions. This decision led to confusion among fans due to perceived contradictions with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

One notable player who abstained from participating was former Sharks goalie James Reimer. Like several NHL peers, he attributed his decision to his religious beliefs, emphasizing his respect for personal convictions.

However, this debate took an intriguing turn when a fan attempted to provoke Reimer by offering him a Pride flag to sign to 'make a stand'.

Successfully gave James Reimer a pride flag. Gonna be riding this high for the rest of my life man #LGRW

»He smiled and asked what my name was and where I was from, carried it through the whole rest of the line and into his truck with him. He did roll it up and hold it by the actual flag at one point but he held it open for a while,» she said when asked about Reimer's reaction.

Watch the flag exchange below:

Over the weekend, Reimer was gifted a Pride flag by a fan, which he carried to his truck and through the rest of the line. He eventually placed it in his truck, raising questions about whether he fully grasped its significance.

»There's a distinct possibility he has no idea what it was lolol,» she said.

While the Pride Jersey debate continues, it underscores the various reactions among players, like Reimer, who contend that personal convictions should be respected.
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Anti-Pride NHL Player Gets Asked to Sign Pride Flag by Troll of a Fan

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