BREAKING - Famous Actor and Two Flyers Legends to Purchase The Franchise?

Published March 17, 2023 at 0:31

In recent years, it became a fashion statement for billionaires to own sports franchises. From former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer purchasing the LA Clippers for over $2 billion, to Mario Lemieux who had a large stake with the Pittsburgh Penguins before selling it to Fenway sports in Boston recently.

It seems that this trend is coming back with the impending sale of the Ottawa Senators with Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds making waves that he would like to buy the Senators, it seems there may be an actor with former players of the NHL eying the Philadelphia Flyers.

It appears that actor David Boreanaz was seen having dinner with former NHL are Peter Forsberg, Kimmo Timonen and billionaire co-owner of the 76ers and devils David Adelman.

The caption reads that he tagged the Flyers and said that he's coming for them in the passion and love for the city along with fans who deserve better.

It's certainly an interesting remark, as the Flyers continue to go through an upheaval in their management and begin the new process of rebuilding the team from top to bottom.

There has been no mention that Comcast is interested in selling the Flyers, with the latest reports coming from Ottawa that the Senators are worth over $800 million US with the potential to go over the billion mark in price tag, one would think that the Flyers ownership may look at this as a potential idea on selling the team.

We will need to wait and see if anything comes of this, however, I feel that the team will continue to be in Comcast's hands for several years.
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BREAKING - Famous Actor and Two Flyers Legends to Purchase The Franchise?

Will Comcast consider selling the Flyers?

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