Can Flyers Change Outdoor Record In 2023/24 Season?

Danielle Marie
May 24, 2023  (0:09)

With the Flyers reportedly being granted another outdoor game in the 2023/24 season it's worth taking a look at their current outdoor record up to this point. They have played in five outdoor games - Bruins in Boston in 2010, Rangers in Philly in 2012, Penguins in Pittsburgh in 2017, Penguins again in Philly in 2019, and Bruins again at Lake Tahoe in 2021 - and their record in outdoor games reads 1-3-1. Their only win? The game against Pittsburgh in 2019 at Lincoln Financial Field, and their only other OT point came against the Bruins in 2010.

Despite their current outdoor game record, the team's ownership group at Xfinity/Comcast seemingly wanted the team to have another outdoor game sooner rather than later. Given the report, it looks like they've even taken the idea to the league, who have apparently agreed with them. According to the initial report - which as of the time this was written has not yet been officially confirmed by the league, but is being reported on heavily by beat writers that we have no reason to distrust - they'll be the away team as they'll reportedly be taking on the New Jersey Devils in the Northern New Jersey/New York area at Met Life Stadium in the first set of a pair of games the league is planning to hold there in the 2023/24 season.(The other game will reportedly be the Islanders/Rangers.)
An outdoor game could be a way to get fans that have stopped viewing due to how poor the team has been back into watching the team, even if they struggle as expected in the coming season. However, their record - both in season(if they play as they're expected to) and outdoor - may keep some from returning until the new front office proves they can improve the team drastically.
What would make things comical, is if they some how managed to defy the odds and came away with a win. Especially considering all the rosters that played in the previous outdoor games, with the exception of maybe the 2021 game/team, were average to above average(depending on the year), and expected to play well; maybe even win a couple of them, but they fell flat all except for once.
Chances are - if the team is constructed as expected - that won't happen, but with a coach like John Tortorella - known for getting more talent out of a below-average-talented team than he should - behind the bench, anything could happen!
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Can Flyers Change Outdoor Record In 2023/24 Season?

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