Flyers Goalie Coach Now Knows What Samuel Ersson Needs To Work On

Danielle Marie
October 28, 2023  (2:46 PM)

The Flyers have only used their backup goalie, Samuel Ersson, in two games, and while it's an extremely small sample size there's no denying that in both of them, it's been made blatantly obvious that opponents have scouted the young goalie using the now available tapes, and have their scouting reports. In two games against the Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks, both teams have either attempted to shoot high to the blocker side or shoot for some kind of a rebound and in both cases, both teams have had some degree of success.

If Flyers goalie coach, Kim Dillabaugh, was wondering exactly what he needs to work on with the young goalie, it's high shots to his blocker side and all rebounds. Given how little the Flyers practice under head coach, John Tortorella, during the season, chances are, neither issue will be adjusted or fixed during this season; it'll be more of a long-term project.
This isn't the first time in recent years fans have seen the league adjust to one of their young goalies, forcing him and their goalie coach to figure out how to adjust to their adjustments. Their current starting goalie, Carter Hart had similar rebound issues in his second and third seasons; he also had a high shots question early on, except his was high to the glove side, but with time, effort, and practice Hart worked out most of his issues. He's by no means perfect, but to compare his second and third seasons to last year and the early part of this season, it's obvious he has drastically improved on both of those shortcomings.
Ersson is only a year younger than Hart, but the good news is that there's no reason to believe he can't still fix these two problems with some time, effort, and practice. From all we know about the backup goalie thus far, he - like Hart - doesn't shy away from giving the time or effort in practice, so there's no reason to believe he won't be able to adjust his main issues.
Improvements may not show in his game this year, and if it does it likely won't be a drastic enough improvement to fully notice it, but even more work during next summer's off-season should further help show the improvements next season, and beyond.
The good news is, that the Flyers currently have a starting goalie, and they're in the midst of a rebuild, so there's no reason to panic about Ersson (potentially) having a rough season. His talent, work ethic, and dedication to practice say that, like Hart before him, he should be able to adjust in time to the league's adjustments and in turn, improve his game.
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Flyers Goalie Coach Now Knows What Samuel Ersson Needs To Work On

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