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Flyers broadcaster Jim Jackson's most electrifying calls

Published December 20, 2023 at 3:48 PM

The city of Philadelphia has been lucky enough to have some legendary broadcasters that capture the emotion and heart of the cities sports teams. From Merrill Reese with the Eagles to Harry Kalas with the Phillies and Marc Zumoff of the 76ers, Philadelphia has shared some special moments with broadcasters and look to them to be the voice of the city.

For the Flyers, Jim Jackson took over in 1993 and has had some electrifying moments during his time. From Jeremy Roenick to Claude Giroux to the 2010 Stanley Cup run, Jim Jackson has ben the voice of the new generation of Flyers fans and needs the credit he deserves.

Last night's overtime winning goal by Owen Tippett against the New Jersey Devils is just another example of how exciting a competitive Flyers team is with Jackson.

"A steal by Tippett...The game on his stick...And he scores! OT in OT. Tippett wins it for the Flyers."

A call like that you just can't help jump off your couch in moments like that. Here are some of Jim Jackson's most exciting moments with the Flyers.

On April 11, 2010 the Flyers went into the final game of the regular season needing a win to send them to the playoffs against their bitter rival New York Rangers. Flyers goalie Brian Boucher stopped Olli Jokinen on the final attempt of the shootout to send the Flyers into the playoffs while eliminating the Rangers as Jackson and the entire Wells Fargo Center erupted.

"Roaring on in is Jokinen...The stop, the save by Boucher! And the Flyers are going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

During the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals the Flyers staged a massive comeback down 3-0 in the series to force a game seven against the Boston Bruins. During that game seven, the Flyers once again had to comeback from down 3-0 and did so with a late goal by Simon Gagné to send the Flyers to the Stanley Cup.

"Richards shot redirected to Gagné and he scores! Simon Gagné! Can you believe it? The Flyers have stormed all the way back and lead 4-3...This improbable, incredible comeback is complete! History has been made in Boston tonight. Celebrate Philadelphia, you deserve it!

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