Giroux versus Simmond in the battle of Ontario? A breakdown of what the pair did for the Flyers

April 27, 2023  (5:33 PM)

One was the longtime captain and fan favourite, the other chucked his knuckles with the best of them, and got fans out of their seats.

If you guessed Wayne Simmonds and Claude Giroux, you can read a headline quite well.
But in all seriousness the pair represented the Broadstreet Bullies with their hearts on their sleeves, leaving it all one the ice for many years.
Claude Giroux -
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Giroux went to war each and every game for his squad, and had the innate ability to drag his troops through the trenches.
His ability to get fans out of their seats with a slick deke, or a nifty pass that often led to a goal was something to marvel at. But, not only could he dazzle with the puck, he could hammer opponents into the boards, draw penalties and even defend his teammates, which also ignited the pent up electricity in the Flyers crowd.
The 34-year-old native of Hearst, Ontario., played his whole career with the Flyers up until he was dealt to the Florida Panthers at the 2022 trade deadline. Giroux, played parts of 16 seasons in the Flyer signature orange, he skated in 1000 games, scoring 291 goals, 609 assists for 900 points.
Wayne Simmonds -
Simmonds was sort of the yin, to Giroux's yan, for lack of better terms. Simmonds is and was a pest, he went to the dirty areas and always caused a ruckus, bumping and creating distractions which led to drawing a penalty or creating an opportunity for a goal.
Not only could he give opponents a headache with his frame and strength, Simmonds is also a tough customer and should you decide to drop the mitts with him, you better be ready for a good ol' donnybrook, as the native of Scarborough, Ontario., loved to trade haymakers with willing opponents.
Simmonds, 34, has split his career between the LA Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, Nashville Predators, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs.
During his time with the Flyers, Simmonds played 584 games. The six-foot-three forward scored 203 goals, 175 assists for 378 points.
The pair certainly made large impacts during their time with the Flyers, before moving on to new ventures.

Not to make any Flyers fan shed a tear, here a glimpse of the pair in their battle of Ontario gear:
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Giroux versus Simmond in the battle of Ontario? A breakdown of what the pair did for the Flyers

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