John Tortorella Just Did a Surprising Gesture For Flyers Fans

September 22, 2022  (0:12)

When the Flyers signed John Tortorella, i am sure a lot of fans had the same impression some of us here at Flyers Nation did, ''Oh boy here we go''. The stories surrounding Tort's past were not sounding too good, how he sat Patrick Laine for not skating fast while the opposing team had the puck, and former NHL players telling the Flyers team ''Good luck, you'll need it''.

Torts has a fresh start here and Philly and he seems to be doing good at it so far, he has built great relationships with Kevin Hayes, and reconnected with Cam Atkinson, who was coached by Torts for years in Columbus. All players have stated in media interviews that Tortorella's attitude is something they needed to get off their butts, and that they can already see a difference in change throughout this years training compared to last years ran by Alain Vigneault.
Torts even went out of his way to do a amazing gesture which many NHL coaches don't, he hand wrote a letter and that letter was sent out to every single Flyers fan who is a season ticket holder.
The hand-written letter featured the note written below, check it out:
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«I want to start off by thanking you. It's your passion, loyalty, and strong voice as Flyers fans that I've always admired and made me jump at the chance to coach in this city and this team.
You've heard me spend most of the summer talking about how exciting this year will be and why. Now, you're about to witness it as we enter our first training camp.
Full transparency – I want to tell you what exactly you will see from our group Day 1. I'm not here to talk about last season or past performances. Frankly, that doesn't matter to me. What matters is the opportunity in front of us.
It is a chance to earn jobs, earn playing time, build towards creating a high standard for the players who put on that jersey to earn a place in our locker room.
I can't promise you that it will happen overnight, but I can promise you this – it will be a hard camp and what will come out of it is a team that make YOU proud.
Every single player will be tough to play against, and above all, give an honest effort. if they don't, you won't see that player very much. That, and that alone, will be the driving force to our success and will define our 2022-23 season.
I'm hoping as we go through this journey that you will identify with us and we will identify with you.
I look forward to seeing you out there with us. This team, including me, is fuelled by Philly's passion and I have no doubt that the team's effort will match the work ethic of this city.
– John Tortorella»
John Tortorella Just Did a Surprising Gesture For Flyers Fans

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