Krug reveals why he refused trade to Flyers

September 27, 2023  (0:28)

As a veteran of the NHL, Torey Krug was only familiar with the Boston Bruins system before he was traded to the St. Louis Blues.

Since he's been in St. Louis for the last three seasons, he's undoubtedly grown accustomed to the team.
Krug: «Obviously I chose to stay here. I want to be part of this room and love playing in this city and wearing the Blue Note so it's something I'm very excited about. You don't like hearing things like that. I have kids, I have a family. But I want to be here and wear the Note.»

Torey Krug on using NTC protection to block a trade to #Flyers
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Krug: «I'm here to play hockey. I signed up to be in St. Louis for 7 years and that's what I want to do. When you hear stuff like that, there's more that goes into it than what's on the surfaceat the end of the day, I want to be here. So that's all I can really say about that.»

I don't get why people were ever surprised about it. He signed in Saint Louis and negotiated an NTC into his contract specifically so he could stay in Saint Louis

As a result of Doug Armstrong, he recently signed a 7-year NTC with a $6.5 million dollar cap hit.
In spite of this, Krug's reasoning for using his NTC to thwart Army's trade to the Flyers is fairly straightforward.
In addition to playing in St. Louis and wearing the Blue Note, Krug also has a family to consider.
Ultimately, it sounds like it's about family and familiarity for him, and he says people don't like the answer, which is no doubt true in some cases.
As a result, Krug nixed the first trade and Kevin Hayes was sent to St. Louis for a massive underpayment.
Right or wrong, fans believe Krug is the reason the Hayes trade hasn't happened. Some Philadelphia Flyers fans are eager to move on from Hayes, especially when the reported return is one of the Blues' first-round draft choices. Several reports had Hayes and Travis Sanheim going to St. Louis for Krug and a first-rounder. Without Krug's consent, that trade will have to change, perhaps scaled down.

Torey Krug did nothing wrong. Torey Krug did exactly what his contract said he could do. He has a no-trade clause and he's exercising it.

In the end, Krug made a difficult decision based on his personal feelings and it ultimately had a major impact on the team's future.
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Krug reveals why he refused trade to Flyers

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