Laughton's Comments About the Flyers Trending

Published September 28, 2023 at 11:52 PM

Scott Laughton has been recognized as a valuable leader for the Philadelphia Flyers by John Tortorella.

According to Tortorella, no other player on the team has demonstrated the same level of leadership both on and off the ice as Laughton has.

"I didn't really see it coming," he said. "I wore a little bit of a letter two years ago when a couple guys went down and kind of slid in there. But yeah, I've loved playing for Torts. He's shown me a ton of respect and given me a ton of opportunity and kind of put me in that role so I tried to relish it and try and help out whenever I could. I've been through those situations, going down to the minors and coming back up, so I think it just helps when a guy does go down or things like that, to try and help them out a little bit."

Tortorella praised Laughton for his intangible contributions that have been instrumental to the team's success.

Laughton has also expressed his admiration for Tortorella, citing the positive relationship that they have built over time.

Laughton's trust in Tortorella has been well-placed, as evidenced by his impressive performance this season, having scored over 40 points.

However, Laughton's recent comments about the organization have been generating attention.

He has acknowledged the disappointment felt by fans due to the team's poor performance this season.

"Fans are obviously upset about how it's been going and I agree with it," he said. "You see it and whatever. But you get guys like Coots and Cam back with that young core, and you have guys that can fill in, you're a better team no matter what. You have two first-line players, you have a guy like Coots who plays against top lines. So I think that step that you take is a lot bigger than I think people even realize."

Nonetheless, he remains optimistic about the future of the team, especially with the return of Cam Atkinson and Sean Couturier to the lineup.

Laughton believes that the team's ongoing rebuild will benefit greatly from having young prospects gain valuable experience on the ice.

He is confident in the leadership of Danny Brier and John Tortorella and is committed to continuing his role as a team leader beyond this season.

"It's pretty special to me honestly, just being here for so long and having that role," he said. "I've said it before but I care about the people in this organization, all the staff and everyone like that and I booked some pretty great friendships along the way. So I want to see us do well and I'm all in here to be a part of this. It's crazy to think that being an older guy now and stuff like that, but I guess it's the way it is, time flies, and just try and take that role and take it into another step next year of being in that."
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Laughton's Comments About the Flyers Trending

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