Marc Andre Fleury Wants to Fight Before He Retires

Published March 14, 2023 at 8:07 PM

Marc-Andre Fleury has a stellar resume and has basically accomplished all he set up to accomplish, with the exception of one thing, which he says he wants to do.

What does he want to accomplish? Prior to the end of his career, he wishes to get into a goalie fight. Fleury made these remarks after getting into a heated argument with Evgeny Svechnikov.

"Yeah, he gave me a little shrug," Fleury said as per The Athletic. «I don't know. I wouldn't mind it. I had a fight in junior and broke a knuckle, I had to miss a few weeks. It's the end of the season, so no time for that."

"I kind of want (a fight). But it's not the right time to fool around," said Fleury since they are trying to hold onto the second playoff spot in the West.

This is an experienced player's way of thinking because the playoffs are so close and he would prefer not risk an injury. When his career is up, Flower will without a doubt engage in conflict if he wants one; the only thing everyone will ask is: who will it be against?
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Marc Andre Fleury Wants to Fight Before He Retires

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