New Flyers Employee Tells Reporter 'You Should Quit While You're Ahead, You Have No F*cking Idea'

April 21, 2023  (1:40 PM)

Just a few weeks ago, Comcast Spectacor CEO Dan Hilferty has «compiled a search committee» to assist in hiring a new President of Hockey Operation. Neil Glasberg is the president and founder of The Coaches Agency, and was involved in the hiring process of John Tortorella last summer.

During the Philadelphia Flyers' search for their next president of hockey operations and general manager, an apparent conflict of interest has arisen. Neil Glasberg of PBI Sports has been officially hired as a consultant by at least two NHL teams to aid in the search. However, Glasberg also serves as an agent for team executives and head coaches who may be candidates for the open positions.
When asked about this conflict of interest, both the Flyers and the NHL stated that they did not believe it was problematic. Nonetheless, several coaches who are presently employed in the NHL have expressed apprehension about Glasberg's involvement.
«How could there not be a conflict of interest? This guy has skin in the game on who gets hired where, either directly or indirectly,» one current NHL coach said. «Let's say a person gets hired who isn't a Glasberg client. Will he be pressured at some point to hire one of his guys?»

«There's a reason why the NHLPA has a rule in place where agents are not allowed to represent both players and coaches or managers,» another current NHL coach told Daily Faceoff. «You can't sit on both sides of the table. That's not right.»
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According to the Flyers organization, Billy King's Modern Executive Solutions is exclusively responsible for identifying and recruiting candidates, while Glasberg is not accountable for sourcing candidates and will not participate in the ultimate decision. Instead, the Flyers claim that Glasberg has been hired to provide additional insights and offer an extra perspective in the process.
The Flyers state that they are fully cognizant of Glasberg's client list and are aware of the situation.
«We are aware of the relationship and we have no concerns based on what we know,» NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly wrote in an email to Daily Faceoff this week when asked about Glasberg's involvement.

Upon being contacted for comment on Wednesday, Glasberg accused Daily Faceoff of having ulterior motives for inquiring about the apparent conflict of interest. He alleged that the reporter only asked the question because he did not provide information regarding the Anaheim Ducks search and threatened to reveal text message conversations. However, there is nothing to disclose. In February 2022, Daily Faceoff reached out to Glasberg for comment on the Ducks search to inquire about the apparent conflict of interest at that time.
«You have no [bleeping] clue,» Glasberg said. «You're making something out of nothing. You should quit while you're ahead. Learn how to read between the lines.»
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New Flyers Employee Tells Reporter 'You Should Quit While You're Ahead, You Have No F*cking Idea'

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