Philadelphia Flyers Rebuild Could Take Up To 8 Years

Dylan Robillard
April 23, 2023  (0:49)

The idea of a rebuild is to tare down what isn't working and build from the ground up. Danny Briere and the Philadelphia Flyers know that a rebuild can and could take awhile.

Flyers Interim General Manager Danny Briere is asking for patience from Flyers fans, but the wait could be longer than originally planned. "How fast or how long it's gonna take, the players will dictate that. Everyone is on board... we all agree that this needs to be done the right way. We may need a little patience from the fans in that regard, there might be some growing pains to go through."
In recent news what Danny Briere has said in interviews about rebuilding looks to be more on the longer side. Per Jordan Hall, the Flyers don't know if this process they are heading towards will take 2, 5, or even 8 years. Obviously 8 years is the worst case, but highly possible with the condition the Flyers are in.
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The Flyers need to dump and gain a lot in the off-season and NHL draft, like contracts and make sure they get a top 5 draft pick. Briere is not afraid to try and move up in the draft, considering all offers and options. All assets are on the table it just has to be the right offer. Briere will be having tons of conversations with coaches and with front office. "There's gonna be a lot of discussions... they (coaches) see something different. They deal with the players a few feet away when the game is happening, some of the things we don't see in the press box. The information we get from the coaching staff is extremely important as well."
All Flyers fans hope that 8 years is never be seen, as Danny Briere is GM hopefully things turn around in the next couple years instead of stretching out over an unnecessary amount of time. As it would run the Flyers organization more into the ground, unless Briere means in that 8th year the Flyers are already starting to be competitive. As the younger guys like Noah Cates, Owen Tippett, Cam York, Cutter Gauthier when he finally arrives in Philadelphia; would have a lot of experience under their belt, especially in the 6-7 year.
So there are positives and many negatives to this idea of rebuild and how long it will really take, but time will tell what really happens.
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Philadelphia Flyers Rebuild Could Take Up To 8 Years

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