Where are They Now? That Notorious UHL Team from Danbury, CT

October 9, 2022  (11:07 PM)

April 1, 2004 was the date and a UHL hockey team was coming to the small town of Danbury in Connecticut. This team was known as the Danbury Trashers and later on, would become one of the most notorious teams to ever play this game of hockey. Since the Netflix series, people have become very familiar with the team and background. Those who may not know of them, Let's dive into a little bit about the story.

Local trash business owner James Galante had bought the team for a price of $500,000.00, naming his son, AJ Galante the president and Genral Manager. AJ was a 17-year-old kid at the time. Staff was hired and players were acquired, and a season had begun.
Their first season, the Trashers quickly gained notoriety for their physical style of play, setting a league record for penalty minutes. The season witnessed two separate brawls and multiple player suspensions. Not only were they tough, but they did have some talent on their team. During the NHL lockout, GM Galante had brought former New Jersey Devil and Stanley Cup winner Mike Rupp to play.
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At the end of the second season, the Trashers had folded and were no more. This happening due to the charges brought to the consumer. One of the charges that pertained directly to the Trashers was wire fraud, which resulted from the interstate faxing of fraudulent salary cap documents. The Team was done.
Now that we know the back story- Where is the GM now and the players?
AJ Galante- Former President and GM
AJ has removed himself from the hockey world after the fiasco that took place. In 2011, he had gotten into the world of boxing. A friend asked for help managing a fighter. He set up Champs Boxing Club in Danbury after that. Since then, AJ has worked as a boxing promoter and has held the position of Vice President at CT USA Boxing. AJ also a key part of "Ice Wars", like Fights on Ice. The Hockey Enforcers promotional group have partnered with Jimmy and A.J. Galante to become part of the organization. Best of Luck to AJ Galante and his father on everything.
Brad Wingfield- player
Brad was one of the "bad boys" of the Trashers. Racking up tons of penalty minutes and often getting into outside altercations. As of June 2022, Wingfield is no longer playing hockey and works as a concrete pump operator.
Jon "Nasty" Mirasty-player
Given the nickname from players he played with. Jon was a tough player, but also very talented. He played for the Columbus Blue Jackets minor league team in the AHL. Jon has done a few things after hockey; he tried MMA and had lost in the first round. Recently making his acting debut in the hockey series "Shoresy".
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