Breaking down the Flyers 2024-2025 salary cap

Finnegan Frost
April 24, 2024  (8:07 PM)

Flyers 2024-2025
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The Philadelphia Flyers face a critical financial puzzle heading into the 2024-25 NHL season, with the salary cap set to rise to $87.5 million.

While the increase bodes well for the team, who finished the previous season with minimal breathing room under the cap, significant challenges lie ahead in managing their roster within the confines of the cap.
Currently, the Flyers' roster, factoring in injuries and buried cap hits, stands at $81,688,333. Notably, this figure encompasses the buried cap hit of players like Ristolainen, Ellis, and Petersen, totaling $3.85 million in Lehigh Valley.
However, the financial landscape is further complicated by a dead cap hit of $5,238,095 for the upcoming season. This includes obligations such as the retained salary owed to Kevin Hayes, amounting to over $3.51 million, along with the residual $1.67 million from Tony DeAngelo's buyout last season. Notably, Hayes' dead cap hit is set to extend into the following season, adding another layer of financial strain.
With a projected cap hit of $86,926,428 and a slim margin of $573,572 in projected cap space, the Flyers find themselves in a precarious position. The impending challenge lies in addressing crucial roster needs, including re-signing restricted free agents and filling gaps left by departing unrestricted free agents.
To navigate the salary cap constraints, the Flyers may explore various avenues for relief. Options such as utilizing long-term injured reserve for players like Ellis and potentially Johansen offer some flexibility. Additionally, the team could consider strategic moves, including buyouts or trades involving players with substantial cap hits, such as Ristolainen or Joel Farabee.
Re-signing key players like Zamula and Brink, who are anticipated to command significant pay raises, presents another hurdle. Both players are poised to surpass the $1 million mark, further tightening the financial squeeze.
As General Manager Danny Brière contemplates his offseason strategy, one thing is clear: creative solutions will be necessary to navigate the intricate web of salary cap constraints. With the pressure mounting to accommodate roster needs while staying cap compliant, Flyers fans can expect the unexpected as Brière steers the team through the offseason challenges.
Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer
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