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Chuck Fletcher is still haunting the Flyers

Published March 24, 2024 at 9:49 PM

Chuck Fletcher was hired by the Flyers in 2018 and was fired about a year ago in March of 2023. Chuck Fletcher did not make great decisions as the Flyers general manager, and some are hurting the Flyers even a year after he was fired. Which include the trade of Anthony Stolarz for Cam Talbot.

Remember when Chuck Fletcher traded Anthony Stolarz for 4 games of Cam Talbot in a year where they weren't going to make the playoffs just for fun

Anthony Stolarz made his NHL debut for the Flyers in 2016 and in 2019 was traded to the Oilers for goaltender Cam Talbot. Stolarz did show some promise as a Flyers goaltender as he played in 19 games and had a .911 save percentage. Cam Talbot only played 4 games for the Flyers and did not have good numbers as he had a 3.70 GAA and a .881 save percentage for the Flyers. Stolarz was a free agent in the 2019 offseason, however, he only signed for 2 years and 1.5 million dollars by the Anaheim Ducks, so he could easily have been retained. He played 4 years for the Ducks and had a decent .913 save percentage. This past offseason, he signed with the Florida Panthers and enjoying the best season of his career. Going into tonight's game against the Flyers, he played in 21 games with a record of 13-5-2 and has a 2.02 GAA and a .925 save percentage. It is safe to say, that it is a good thing, that Chuck Fletcher is no longer making decisions.

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Chuck Fletcher is still haunting the Flyers

Was it possible for the Flyers to have kept Stolarz?

Yes, Fletcher made a terrible decision.6179.2 %
No, there was no way to keep him1620.8 %
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