Flyer's top Prospect, Matvei Michkov generates hype

Sara Amaya
May 20, 2024  (7:02 PM)

Matvei Michkov, Flyer's 2023 draft pick
Photo credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers' selected Matvei Michkov during the 2023 draft pick and Michkov has been generating hype ever since. The nineteen-year-old is one of the youngest prospects in the league and started even younger at just fifteen years old playing during the winter youth Olympics.

Michkov, has been turning heads since the Olympics and his talent has been unconcealable. With team Canada in the youth Olympics, Dwyer a coach for international play has stated that Michkov's first impression was remarkable and that he was confident that the Flyers had selected well since Michkov was one of the best players in the league for his age.
Dwyer goes on to say that the way that Michkov shows up for the game is amazing because he brings momentum and is multidimensional, has strong skating abilities and edges. Michkov is fearless and doesn't hesitate to play center ice and get close to the net. Dwyer continued to say that Michkov's vision and awareness are also strengths Michkov possesses as well. Dwyer thinks that Michkov is and should be a threat to other players on the ice and his actions on the ice speak for themselves.
According to Dwyer, it is obvious what Michkov brings to the table and if he can continue to develop and grow as a skater then he won't be shy about the physical game of hockey in the National Hockey League. Dwyer also said Michkov has some pretty strong offensive tools that will aid him once he begins to play in the NHL just from watching him in the KHL since it is a very competitive league as well.
Michkov has made a statement since the draft, stating that he wanted to very much be part of the Flyers and that he was very happy and proud to be apart of the organization. Daniel Briere, the Flyers' general manager mentioned that when they picked Michkov that they didn't know what they were going to get because even with good vibes sometimes you never know but now that they have been observing Michkov in the KHL that they were sure that they had made the correct decision. The general manager mentions that Michkov is competitive and friendly and that those are two great traits to have. One thing that they can count on is Michkov showing up in every way.
The list for why Michkov has the spotlight or the Flyer's could go on forever but its obvious that they are both a great fit for each other and fans can look forward to seeing him play in the NHL soon.
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