Former NHL star lobbying for expansion in major U.S. City

Travis Politakis
March 12, 2024  (7:21 PM)

Anson Carter representing Georgia Bulldogs hockey during TNT Broadcast.
Photo credit: University of Georgia via Twitter

Former NHL right wing Anson Carter had one of the most successful careers in NHL history, spanning over 11 seasons playing over 600 games, racking up 421 points on 202 goals and 219 assists. Today, Carter not only serves as a member of the NHL on TNT broadcast, but he most recently is becoming an advocate to bring an expansion NHL franchise to his current home city. On Tuesday, Carter and his business made significant strides on bringing hockey to a major U.S. city.

On Tuesday, Carter unveiled the Alpharetta Sports and Entertainment group in Atlanta, Georgia, with the intentions of bringing an NHL expansion franchise to Atlanta.
In a press release, Carter and ASE announced that they have formally requested the NHL to commence an expansion process that will bring hockey back to Atlanta. Not only did the press release announce the intention of bringing hockey to one of the largest cities in America, but it also announced it's aim at building a new arena in the Alpharetta area, strictly dedicated to hockey.
"I've lived in Atalnta since 2009 and I have no doubt that the best league in the world will thrive in its return to Atlanta. The ASE group is a hockey-first ownership team which includes many partners who have a tremendous passion for our sport. The ASE group is also delighted to partner with New York Life, in the potential mixed-use development at the North Point location in Alpharetta. The arena's location is pivotal to enhancing the hockey experience, with Alpharetta boasting the largest hockey-playing community in Metro Atlanta."

Atlanta is no stranger to the hockey community, being the home of the Atlanta Thrashers from 1999-2011 before finding themselves in tremendous debt and having to relocate. This time, however, feels different being led by a competent ownership group and their dedication to finding a prime location that is dedicated to the fan experience.
Carter is also the co-chair of the NHL Player's Inclusion Coalition and has relationships with many members in the NHL. With Carter and his group fully committed, will they be able to restore hockey in Atlanta?
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Former NHL star lobbying for expansion in major U.S. City

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