John Tortorella hints that Flyers may be trying too hard

Travis Politakis
April 9, 2024  (3:55 PM)

John Tortorella meets with media in Montreal before taking the ice.
Photo credit: Philadelphia Flyers via Twitter

The last two weeks have been a nightmare for the Philadelphia Flyers and their fans. From what was turning out to be a season where dreams became reality, quickly turned as the clock struck midnight and the Flyers came back down to earth, losing seven games in a row and dropping out of the playoff picture where they once had over a four point lead in the standings.

Before the Flyers took the ice in Montreal on Tuesday night looking to snap their seven game losing streak against the Canadiens and possibly still have a shot at the playoffs, head coach John Tortorella gave his insight to the media as to what has been holding the team back.
When it gets to this point in the season and teams are fighting to get into the playoffs, the importance of perfection, detail, and health are at an all-time high. For the Flyers, head coach John Tortorella hinted that his team might be trying a little too hard to make plays, which in turn has caused more mistakes than wins.
"I just think at this point you're just trying to do anything you possibly can to get things going your way. I actually feel sometimes we try too hard, and have made some mistakes that way. But you just have to find a way. I just know that we have to find an area of our game that we're not trying too hard and have confidence that we have been a pretty good team this year and believe that and allow the game to come to us."

Despite the Flyers falling out of the playoff picture and falling into a seven game rut at possibly the most meaningful time of the year, John Tortorella also spoke to how much of a positive learning experience it has been for a young team like the Flyers to get to play in meaningful games in March and April, especially when many were considering their season to end by mid January.
"You're going through these pressure situations and you're asking them for more responsibility because of where the season is at this time of year. There are so many things that come about here and that we're evaulating. For me it's, we're that close. Let's start thinking about let's get in and do some damage. And that's where I'm not sure I have done a good enough job of getting them to play to the level as top teams. This isn't just about meaningful games this is about getting into the playoffs. I don't want us to settle."

The Flyers still sit one game out of the playoffs, but can still turn things around starting with a win tonight in Montreal as they take on the Canadiens at 7:00p.m.
SOURCE: Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella meets with the media ahead of tonight's matchup in Montreal.
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John Tortorella hints that Flyers may be trying too hard

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