Rivals Helping Flyers

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March 15, 2024  (4:04 PM)

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The Philadelphia Flyers are currently struggling, which isn't news to fans. Their recent performance has not been up to par to keep their spot open in the playoffs. On top of their 5-6-2 record since february, having their leader suspended for two games ever since his recent outburst mid-game has seemed to add fuel to the fire. Fans are wondering what their next course of action will be to ensure any potential victories they desperately need.

Last night confirmed it: the Flyers are in real trouble when it comes to securing a playoff spot.

What might save them, however, is the fact that the rest of the teams in the Eastern Conference playoff race are struggling just as much as they are:⬇️

After losing to the Maple Leafs since pretty much the beginning of the Leaf's first period goal, the mental state of the Flyers went downhill, and went there quick.
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"Hopefully it's a good lesson. Hopefully, we realize that you can lose a game in the first ten minutes," said assistant coach Brad Shaw, who has been filling in for Tortorella.

All seemed lost after the first period, but fans were excited to see the Flyers pick up their game at the start of the second, scoring their first goal of the game. To everyone's disappointment, the Flyer's performance went right back to square on of yesterdays game once they dropped the ball in third period. It seems as though dropping said ball has been quite the recurring theme for the Flyers lately, as their negative patterns keep showing up throughout the season.
After the devastating 6-2 loss, Shaw had this to say :
"One of our strengths this year has been our resilience mentally. When a bad thing happened or a goal goes in the net, we seem to be able to weather the storm and gather ourselves, and get back on the attack. We've done such a good job staying away from those scenarios previously throughout the year. I have no explanation for it."

Considering Jamie Drysdale and Rasmus Ristolainen may not even return to the ice this season, the Flyers have been taking numerous hits to their roster. The recent deadline trade of Sean Walker only adds to their current losses, even if it was the right move in the long run.
Unfortunately, it seems as though Philadelphia may just need to count their losses and wait for other teams to perform badly, allowing them to snipe a playoff spot. Fans await eagerly to see if they can get out of this ongoing "funk" and come out the other side.
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Rivals Helping Flyers

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