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Torts Comments on Rookies Sensational Play Lately

Published February 28, 2024 at 10:47

The Flyers had a huge win last night in which rookies Tyson Foerster and Bobby Brink had phenomenal games and head coach John Tortorella noticed.

Torts thought Foerster had a beautiful goal but was more impressed with the 22 year-old's play in their own zone and along the boards. He also thought Brink had a great game, not just because he scored but of how he carried himself on the other side of the puck, winning a battle after turning the puck over. He believes Brink has a great scoring touch but will need to improve in the D-zone and his play when he doesn't have the puck because he has great instincts when he does have it.

Foerster has 26 points in 55 games this season with a 4 +/- rating and Brink on the other hand has 19 points in 38 games this season with an 8 +/- rating. It will be interesting to see how these rookies do in the future.

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Torts Comments on Rookies Sensational Play Lately

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