Jamie Drysdale
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Jamie Drysdale comments on his return and what he did while away

Published April 1, 2024 at 10:01 PM

Tonight, was big night for the Philadelphia Flyers, not only because they are taking on the New York Islanders, who are chasing them in the standings, but their defenseman Jamie Drysdale has returned to the lineup. According to Jamey Baskow when asked about his return, Drysdale stated "I came in and they said today is the day, and I saw my number on the board."

With Jamie Drysdale returning to the lineup, it is huge for the Flyers as they just got Nick Seeler back from injury. The Flyers desperately needed both these players to return as Cam York and Travis Saheim appeared to be tiring as of late. Jamie Drysdale was also asked about what he did while away and per Jamey Baskow Drysdale response was "I watched a lot of hockey."

Jamie Drysdale in total missed 16 games, which there would be a lot of hockey to watch, especially early on when the injury first happened. Also, his response on being out was "It sucks being out." Which is clear when your team is in a playoff chase and you also have a history of being injured. Let's hope, that going forward, Drysdale can remain healthy and can show how talented of a defenseman, he truly is.

Source: Flyers Nitty Gritty Jamie Drysdale returns to the lineup tonight for the Flyers "It sucks being out"
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Jamie Drysdale comments on his return and what he did while away

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