NHL Star shows emotion with Instagram post after devastating injury

Travis Politakis
February 8, 2024  (6:17 PM)

Many times in sports, fans forget just how human these superhero-like athletes are. Wednesday night brought an extremely human element to the hockey community as a former Stanley Cup Champion expressed heartbreaking emotions after suffering a devastating injury. With his most recent social media post, the hockey community has gathered around the star and realized how much bigger it is than a game.

In all sports, injuries affect much more than the day-to-day operations of winning or losing a game. It can affect the way these athletes interact with and play with their kids, it can affect their mental health, their diet, and overall quality of their everyday lives.
For Tampa Bay Lightning star Mikhail Sergachev, last night was a reflection of how devastating the setback of an injury can be. On Dec. 19, Sergachev put his body on the line as he blocked a shot with his left foot against the St. Louis Blues, resulting in Sergachev missing 17-straight games with an injury.
In his first game back in action in nearly two months in New York, Sergachev suffered a devastating injury as it appears he took a skate to the back of his leg. Sergachev immediately collapsed, let out a scream, and laid on the ice in agonizing pain as he had to be carted off the ice.
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Following his injury, Sergachev took to Instagram to not only thank everyone for the support, but also peel back the curtain and give fans an insight on how heartbreaking an injury can be.
"Oh man, why me? Why now? After all these games missed, coming back and getting injured, feels unfair, feels terrible. Trying to stay calm and positive but it's impossible. After doing everything right I get this."

Sergachev did go on to say how he is eager to comeback and overcome adversity and also thank the medical staff for the help and attention he has received. And, gave a shoutout to pain meds as well.
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