Cam York Not on Opening Night Roster

October 5, 2022  (6:30 PM)

Roster moves and cuts are mandatory in all sports. Keeping the best players for the team sometimes isn't what matters, but keeping the right ones is. Going out on that ice and competing for your spot on the roster is the main objective for every player for any league and division and if you work hard enough, you will make it. That's what competition is all about.

Flyers head coach has made his next round of cuts today and some surprising names made the list and it's caused a bit of shock around the Philadelphia area. Flyers forward Tyson Foerster was one and Flyer young defenseman Cam York was the other. Cam York, who has played top line minutes and on the second powerplay unit even last year, did not make the opening night roster for the Philadelphia Flyers.

The decision comes from Coach John Tortorella who had made it very clear he was going to compete with the players who made a difference and give it their all. Some would say York is ahead of the game in his skill and can certainly make an impact for the Flyers struggling defense, but the game is more than skill. Determination and the going "the extra mile" are traits that a player should value and showcase, those attributes may overlook your skill sometimes. Torts was on 97.5 The Fanatic's "The Best Show Ever?" today and talked about why Cam York Was Sent Down. A coach that has shown nothing but honesty and upfront answers and once again, he continued to do just that.
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Didn't play well enough. I don't think he had a very good camp. The thing that really sticks out with Cam is he has tremendous skill, tremendous Legs, but he doesn't try to make a difference. I thought he waited through games. Didn't try to take control of things. I think the mental part of the game for him is a process he is going to have to go through. And him going to the minors isn't a bad thing. I think when people see players sent down, they think we are chucking them out. This is part of the process he has to go through. Eventually, he is going to be a big part of this organization.

The 21-year-old American collected three goals and 10 points through 30 games with the Flyers last season but it's his vision and puck moving ability that his game is incredibly strong in. Being a huge fan of York and covering him before he was drafted with the Flyers, i am very shocked to see the cut. I am not the coach of this team obviously, but York is an asset and with the lack of defenseman on this club, the move was very questionable. There are not a lot of strong puck moving defenseman on this club and he is one of them. A move that a lot of people are talking about. Only time will tell how this move plays out. That being said, i do believe York will make his way up to the Flyers at some point this season.
Cam York Not on Opening Night Roster

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