John Tortorella Reveals The Flyers Will Likely Have to Trade Away a Fan Favourite

Published March 17, 2023 at 1:16

Wade Allison, a physical player for the Philadelphia Flyers, has returned to practice after missing the last three games due to an unspecified injury. The right-winger is expected to be available for their game against the Buffalo Sabres on Friday. The final 15 games of the season are crucial for Allison, as he needs to make an impression on coach John Tortorella that can be carried into the summer. Staying healthy is also a top priority for the injury-prone 25-year-old.

But **Tortorella conceded that Allison's injuries play a part in evaluating him for the future.**

«We still have another month. I'm not sure what's going to happen here,» Tortorella said. «But it has to (be considered) organizationally, too. That has to come into play.»

«I don't want to take anything away from his effort, either,» Tortorella said. «I'm not trying to run him down. I think for him to be an effective player, he needs to have that in him. He just can't get hurt.»-

«it's hard to be consistent when you're always hurt. That's my struggle. You see him come, you see him go.»

Despite his injury struggles, Tortorella sees improvements in Allison's play. The coach said that Allison has shown growth in playing straight ahead and doing good things on the wall. However, it's challenging to be consistent when constantly injured, which is Allison's biggest struggle. Before joining the Flyers, Allison had an injury-filled career at Western Michigan. Nonetheless, Tortorella has no negative thoughts about Allison's contributions when he's healthy and wants him to approach himself more business-like and become a professional in the league.
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John Tortorella Reveals The Flyers Will Likely Have to Trade Away a Fan Favourite

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