Reliving every Stadium Series game the Flyers have been a part of

Travis Politakis
December 22, 2023  (1:11 PM)

Photo credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

Every year the NHL has two special events that showcase historic franchises, amazing cities and bucket list stadiums. Since 2008, the NHL has hosted the Winter Classic each year where two teams meet in an outdoor venue. In 2014, the NHL also instituted the Stadium Series which has also been a massive hit for the sport. In 2024 the Flyers are set to compete in the Stadium Series at MetLife stadium against the New Jersey Devils on Feb. 17.

This will be the Flyers fourth time playing in either the Winter Classic or Stadium Series as they currently hold a 1-2 record in outdoor games. Here is every time the Flyers played in the NHL's marquee regular season event.
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia PA, Jan. 2, 2012 vs NY Rangers
The Flyers and Philadelphia had the opportunity to be the host city for the Winter Classic in 2012 as they battled their historic rival New York Rangers at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Phillies.
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Philadelphia and New York Fans did not disappoint as this game garnered an attendance of over 46,000 fans, despite the bitter cold. The Flyers came out dawning a slick orange and creme Winter Classic jersey, which were a massive hit with fans. Despite the pageantry, the Flyers fell to the Rangers 3-2 that day. Who was coaching the Rangers during that time? Current Flyers coach John Tortorella.
Heinz Field, Pittsburgh PA, Feb. 25, 2017 @ Penguins
The Flyers took the ice to a roaring crowd of 68,000 that day to take on their bitter rivals in the Penguins, but the Penguins pretty much dominated the day as Sydney Crosby opened the game with a goal and the Pens never looked back. It's okay though, because the Flyers would get their sweet revenge later on.
Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia PA, Feb. 25, 2019 vs Penguins
The Flyers got their revenge from 2017 on this day in what is probably one of the most memorable Flyers regular season games of the past few years. This game had it all and was the pure embodiment of Flyers vs Penguins. Between battling the weather with not only freezing temperatures but rain throughout the night, both teams played like kids having fun on the pond.
For the first 57 minutes, it seemed as if it was another repeat of the 2017 matchup. But with three minutes left, the Flyers found a spark. A JVR goal with 3:02 remaining followed by a Jackub Voracek goal with 20 seconds left to tie it brought the crowd of 70,000 to life.
This set up one of Claude Giroux's signature moments as a Flyer as in overtime he weaved passed a defender and notched in the game winning goal as he threw his hands up and Philadelphia rejoiced.
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