Two Top NHL Prospects May Be Demoted

October 22, 2022  (1:24)

When Juraj Slafkovsky was the surprise first overall pick of the 2022 NHL draft, many heads turned in disbelief. After all, Shane Wright had been the non-contested projected first pick... until he fell to the fourth selection.

Both prospects made their NHL roster, Slafkovsky with the Montreal Canadiens and Wright with the Seattle Kraken. One big moment when Wright dropped so low was when he stared down the Canadiens table as if to say, 'What was that all about?'
Slafkovsky has averaged 11;26 of ice time playing all five games. He is a big guy at 6'-4", 192 pounds and has nine hits thus far. He hadn't scored a point until his fifth game against the lowly Arizona Coyotes when he tallied his first NHL goal.
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He is a relentless player on the puck and even defensively. Still, he may not be ready for the NHL.
His possession stats are not bad at all. His Corsi For is 52.1 percent and his Relative Corsi For is at 5.8 percent. That means when he's on the ice his team was controlling the puck more often than not.
It remains to be seen if the Habs keep him on their roster past the nine game period which would nullify one year of his entry-level contract. So, if he doesn't do something spectacular in the next four game, he could be sent to the AHL since he's an European player. He needs some more time to develop, no matter how high the team's management and scouts were about drafting him.
In Wright's case, it was first of all, very melodramatic that he seemed very pissed off that he wasn't selected first overall. He only played about 100 junior games, and his ice time with Seattle has been limited. He's only had a little over six minutes of playing time and only three games. He was a healthy scratch for two games.
The thing with Wright is because of his age, he cannot go to the AHL. He would be sent back to Kingston of the OHL for further development.
So, was all the hype justified? Probably not. It seems like he will be headed back to juniors to work on his game further. If he works hard and has his coaches challenge him by putting him on the penalty kill, or anywhere to show off his talents, he may improve.
Bot of these players have a bright future in the NHL. Every young player develops at a different pace. It will be interesting to see how quickly they improve and get promoted back to the NHL.
They're both terrific players, they just need more time to work on their game.
Two Top NHL Prospects May Be Demoted

Which of these two top prospects will be demoted?

Wright for sure1025.6 %
They both need more time to develop1538.5 %
Slafkovsky will be better615.4 %
Wright will be a bust820.5 %
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