Virtanen Charged With Sexual Assault, Charges Dropped, Signed PTO With Oilers and Now Released

October 6, 2022  (3:13 PM)

The Edmonton Oilers seem to be the team to take on all the problems, but maybe not this time..

After multiple reports and videos of Evander Kane went viral of a long list of things, the Oilers still took him on there roster and gave him another chance at the NHL. Kane has been a impact player, and has put up impressive stats for the Oilers, since, he was found NOT guilty in his court rulings.
Now we have Jake Virtanen, who was black-listed from the NHL for many years as he was charged with sexual assault in 2017, which took place in Vancouver, he was playing for the Canucks at the time before he was removed from the roster due to his charge. He then spent multiple years playing hockey outside of North America, as many teams did not want someone with sexual assault on there record.
Virtanen was recently found NOT guilty, and the Edmonton Oilers were the first team to hop on acquiring him, and invited him to a professional tryout which only lasted a short amount of time, the Oilers announced today (Thurs Oct 6th) that Virtanen has been released from his PTO.
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Read more on Virtanen's court case below, with all information shown brought to you by CBC News Canada:
Virtanen was charged in January with sexual assault in connection with an incident in a downtown Vancouver hotel room in September 2017. He told the court last week that the woman who accused him of assault was an «enthusiastic participant» in the encounter.
The 25-year-old Virtanen, from Abbotsford, B.C., said they mutually began kissing and touching each other while lying in bed and helped each other take their clothes off before having sex.
The 23-year-old woman, whose identity is covered by a publication ban, testified that she repeatedly said «no» and told Virtanen that she did not want to have sex with him before he pinned her to the hotel bed with his body weight.
The court heard Virtanen and the woman met at the Calgary Stampede in July 2017. They exchanged numbers and kept in touch via text and direct messages on Instagram.
The woman was 18 years old when she drove to Vancouver that September to visit family and friends, and do a photo shoot. She and Virtanen, then 21, made plans to meet. He picked her up from her friend's house and took her to his hotel room.
The woman testified that she had a «sinking feeling» in her stomach when they arrived, but she trusted Virtanen, so she went up to his room.
The woman did not go to police at the time.
In April 2021, she posted her story to an Instagram page for survivors of sexual assault, then spoke with a reporter from Glacier Media for a newspaper story, naming Virtanen as the man who allegedly sexually assaulted her, and launched a civil lawsuit against him.
Virtanen was a right-winger for the Canucks when the allegations surfaced in May 2021. The team placed him on leave and bought out his contract the following month.
He last played in the Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League.
The Crown and defence lawyers finished their closing arguments on Monday, focusing on the reliability of testimony given by Virtanen and the woman.
Defence lawyer Brock Martland told the jury the woman's testimony was «riddled» with inconsistencies, some minor and some «fundamental,» and said she was not a trustworthy witness.
Crown counsel Alan Ip told the jury the woman had a «firm» memory of the critical details of the alleged assault and was «unshaken on major and important points in her testimony.»
The 12-person jury began deliberating Monday afternoon following five days of testimony and delivered their verdict Tuesday morning.
This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 26, 2022.
Virtanen Charged With Sexual Assault, Charges Dropped, Signed PTO With Oilers and Now Released

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