Are the Philadelphia Flyers still missing a franchise star?

Published February 16, 2024 at 3:00 PM

All season long, especially since the All-Star break, the Philadelphia Flyers have given their fans plenty to be excited about. In a season that had experts predicting the Flyers to be the worst team in the league, has shifted to see the Flyers in a playoff spot sitting at third place in the Metro Division. Despite surpassing expectations, Flyers fans are still worried about a missing piece for the Flyers.

Despite a tremendous fight shown by the Flyers on Thursday night coming back from a 3-1 deficit before losing in overtime, the Flyers were overpowered by Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews who recorded a hat trick and only needed a period to do so.

After Matthews showed his star power capabilities against the Flyers, Philly fans are beginning to wonder if the Flyers need a franchise-altering star like an Auston Matthews or Connor McDavid and if the franchise will ever land one.

It has been known that the Flyers have struggled against NHL star players this season, such as allowing Connor McDavid to score five points in late December and now allowing a Matthews hat trick.

One Flyers expert, however, is encouraging fans to not panic as McDavid and Matthews are once-in-a lifetime type of players.

"I see a lot of people commenting saying the Flyers need an Auston Matthews, or a Connor McDavid type like player. Most teams in the NHL do, these type of players don't come around very often. Maybe the Flyers have found it in Matvei Michkov. He's a generational type player."

Yes, in an ideal world the Flyers would like to have someone like a McDavid, MacKinnon or Matthews on their team, but the reality right now is that coach John Tortorella is getting the most out of his young players and the Flyers are once again a fun, respectable, and contending team.

The Flyers also have guys like Matvei Michkov, Oliver Bonk, and Denver Barkey quietly making noise in their respected leagues, with the potential of bringing that star power to Philly once called upon.
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Are the Philadelphia Flyers still missing a franchise star?

Do the Flyers still need a generational star like Matthews?

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