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BREAKING: Major Update Regarding WJC 2018 Scandal

Published February 28, 2024 at 3:40 PM

Five players from 2018 World Junior Team Canada have been under investigation for a while, it has finally been announced that the 5 players will stand trial.

It has been reported that all 5 players will be trialed together and they asked that the trial be by jury. On Wednesday, it was announced that their request was granted of trial by jury.

"Earlier this week, all five players selected a trial by jury and they are confident that jurors drawn from the community will decide this case fairly and impartially after hearing all the evidence and testimony," lawyers representing the accused players said in a joint statement.

Each player's lawyer joined together and released a joint statement that they have decided that a trial by jury will give them a fair judgement. They have also announced that they will all be pleading non-guilty.

It is likely that the court case will not begin until sometime next year in 2025.

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February 28   |   339 answers
BREAKING: Major Update Regarding WJC 2018 Scandal

Will these players ever see the NHL again after the case is finished?

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