Briere and Tortorella give update on the Flyers future

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April 22, 2024  (11:17)

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Flyers GM Daniel Briere spoke to the media yesterday regarding the team's season and how the future looks.

Briere stated how proud he is of the team, he knows the 8 game losing streak was a problem that needs to be looked at and he is very disappointed on missing out on the playoffs but mentioned how the season still had many positives.
"I'm very proud of how the team handled themselves this season. The players, the coaching staff. It's been impressive. Now, I know we focus a lot on the last two weeks, the (eight-game) slide, and not getting into the playoffs. It would have been awesome to get into the playoffs. Believe me, that's a big disappointment.... but there's a lot of good strides that were made from a lot of different players this season," Briere said.

The Flyers GM stated a few days ago that the team will not be very aggressive this summer with free agents but expressed how that does not mean they will not move forward with trades that make sense.
"That doesn't mean there won't be some changes... We're open for business. If there are hockey trades that make sense, we will (do that). But we aren't looking to move people for the sake of moving them," Briere said.

Briere added that the plan is to stick with Fedotov and Ersson next season as he was beyond impressed with Ersson this season. The Flyers are confident in this duo going into next season.
"Sam Ersson was thrown in a really tough situation this year, I've been really impressed with him, the way he handled it, He started challenging Carter for starts, which was amazing to see. He wasn't stealing the starts and it's not because Carter was playing bad; he just earned them. After that, it was a really tough situation for him, to lose his partner and to have to play almost every other night. Down the stretch, it got a bit difficult," Breire said.

Head coach John Tortorella spoke to the media as well, putting a big emphasis on the Flyers needing to drastically improve their powerplay as their 12.2% succession rate was not enough.
"I think we need to have a discussion on our power play, but Rocky Thompson is one hell of a coach. He's so frustrated, as the players are, as we all are, with our power play. And I've got a general manager that was one of the best power play guys in the game. So we're going to sit as an organization with those people and just discuss it this summer. I think it's a big point of emphasis for us, our power play," Tororella said.

The Flyers are clearly looking at some changes but management is very satisfied with how the season went and believe next season will be even better.
Source: NHL: Briere and Tortorella Season Wrapup: 5 Takeaways
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Briere and Tortorella give update on the Flyers future

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