Eric Lindros addresses Flyers media before retirement ceremony.
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Flyer's legend doesn't hold back when asked about Cutter Gauthier

Published April 3, 2024 at 3:25 PM

Since January, it seems like everybody in the hockey world has had an opinion on the Philadelphia Flyers and their trade of top prospect Cutter Gauthier after he alerted the organization he did not want to be a Flyer. On Tuesday, one Flyers legend weighed in on the matter and did not mince his words when talking about the current Anaheim Ducks prospect.

After the Flyers made the trade, Flyers general manager Danny Briere was applauded by many for his transparencey with the fans and the media on the situation. Briere admitted that Gauthier said he did not want to be a Flyer and they acted accordingly. For Flyers legend, Eric Lindros, that wasn't the way he would have handled it, according to Ryan Gilbert

«I would have focused on just saying, ‘We wanted Jamie Drysdale and we had to give up this player. That's how I would have dealt with it. I wouldn't have publicized the situation. I would have just traded the kid.»

Ironically, Lindros career started kind of the same way as Gauthier, as he declined to play for the Quebec Nordiques in the 1991 Draft as one of the NHL's top young prospects.

"Think about how it was handled. It's like going to the bar when you're younger and you ask a girl out. If she says, ‘No,' you don't go to your buddies and say ‘She shut me down.' You know what I mean?»

Not really sure what Lindros was trying to say there, but it seems that Lindros is more critical of the way the Flyers handled the situation, that the way the Gauthier camp handled it.

Do Flyers fans agree with Lindros or are they happy their general manager was transparent and honest about the situation?
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Flyer's legend doesn't hold back when asked about Cutter Gauthier

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