MUST SEE: Flyers arrive to Stadium Series in true Philly fashion

Published February 17, 2024 at 5:28 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers are going to take the ice at MetLife Stadium for the 2024 Stadium Series in just a few hours from now. As the team arrives to the stadium, many wondered if the team was going to wear something special as they arrived. The team hinted at it on Friday, but wouldn't reveal what the surprise would be. Moments ago, the Flyers arrived to MetLife in true Philly fashion.

As the team hopped off the bus, Flyers players came out dawned in an all-grey sweatsuit with a black beanie and black converse shoes to mimic legendary Philadelphia movie character and boxer, Rocky Balboa.

The team even had their hands taped up like they are heading into a heavyweight fight like Balboa.

If any team is a great representation of the film Rocky, it would be the 2024 Flyers. The way the team has exceeded expectations, fought and clawed their way through games, and embraced the city of Philadelphia is something that Rocky would be proud of.

You can almost hear the iconic trumpets of "gonna fly now" or the guitar solo of "eye of the tiger" playing as the Flyers got off the bus as they prepare to take the center stage in front of 70,000 fans, and millions watching on ABC.

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MUST SEE: Flyers arrive to Stadium Series in true Philly fashion

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