BREAKING: Carter Hart is officially a free agent

Published February 2, 2024 at 3:07 PM

Friday afternoon saw NHL commissioner Gary Bettman addressed the media in Toronto as the 2024 NHL All-Star festivities are in full swing. To nobodies surprise, Bettman was asked about the ongoing investigation regarding the 2018 WJC Canada Hockey team. Bettman issued an interesting statement regardign the future availability of the players including Carter Hart, the most important name for Flyers fans.

As the players are set to appear before a court in London, Ontario on Monday, Feb. 5, Bettman stated that the players are most likely done with their current teams and if found innocent and allowed back in the league, will be free-agents.

«They are not with their teams and are free agents (either don't have contracts or will expire after the season), if I were them I would focus on defending themselves if charges come down.»

Not only did Bettman state that the players are no longer with their teams, but that he does not see a return to the NHL for the payers unless something drastically changes.

"I would be surprised if the five players facing charges returned to the NHL while the case is ongoing."
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