Is this organization an embarrassment to hockey?

Published February 20, 2024 at 8:30

For many NHL and hockey fans in general, going to an NHL game is an almost religious experience. Hockey fans are known to be some of the most loyal and all of sports and always bring the energy and for most franchises, carry historic traditions. From New York Rangers games in Madison Square Garden to the famous "Winnipeg whiteout" at Jets games, being able to attend NHL games are bucket-list experiences.

For one franchise, the lack of fan turnout and exceptionally less-than average quality arena is causing many NHL fans to be upset and calling for something to be done as many claim this organization is embarrassing the NHL.

The Arizona Coyotes have very much been in the news not only the past few weeks, but years since they have moved to Mullett Arena that holds just 5,000 fans, as it was made for NCAA hockey and the Arizona State Sun Devils.

On Monday night, Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers traveled to Mullett Arena and the turnout was extremely underwhelming, at least for the Coyotes. The arena was bare and the fans that were there, seemed to be all Oilers fans as orange and blue jerseys were seen all throughout the crowd, and the only noise came when the Oilers would score.

It isn't a secret that NHL players don't like playing at Mullett Arena. From the lack of fans to the lack of quality in locker rooms and amenities, the Mullett Arena simply is anything but NHL-quality.

Even Matthew Knies of the Toronto Maple Leafs had something to say about the arena when asked about how many friends and family he would have at the arena being he is from Phoenix .

"I'll have about 50 or 60 friends and family which is probably about an entire section at that arena."

With a team being unable to fill a 5,000 seat barn, should the NHL force the team to move?
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Is this organization an embarrassment to hockey?

Will the Coyotes relocate anytime soon?

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No4039.6 %
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