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Torts put on blast for terrible overtime strategy

Published March 27, 2024 at 7:42

Many have praised John Tortorella on how he coached the Philadelphia Flyers this year as they are making a surprising run at this year's playoffs. However, right now, John Tortorella is being blasted on how he has handled overtime, not only this game but their lost in Carolina.

Let's start with the positive: Two excellent periods by the Flyers, resilient third period.

Now for this: Once again, the Flyers do not send out their best offensive players to start OT, never get possession and wind up losing. This is the THIRD time it's happened.

In tonight's game against the Rangers, Konecny, Tippett and Frost did not start nor saw ice time in overtime. Instead, Ryan Poehling, Noah Cates and Travis Sanheim all started overtime, the Flyers never touched the puck and the Rangers scored quickly. The Flyers starters for overtime are good defensively, however the Flyers are not on a penalty kill and 3v3 overtime is all about puck possession and the Rangers have a ton of talent on offense and the Flyers need to match that 3v3.

Owen Tippett is one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, if not the fastest one. He played literally 0 seconds in last 2 OTs. Same with Frost or Konecny. The Flyers lost in both of them.

You could maybe give John Tortorella the benefit of the doubt for this game as the Flyers only had 1 shift in overtime and the Rangers almost immediately scored. However, against Carolina, the other night, the Flyers had several shifts in overtime and Owen Tippett never saw any ice time in overtime. With Tippett speed, he be almost the perfect player to utilize on 3v3 overtime.

"I don't know why a Frost, TK, Forester, Tippett combo doesn't start the OT. Esp with the way those guys were feeling it all night! Just go for it at that point!"

With nine games remaining on the Flyers schedule, we just hope that none of these overtime loses come back and hurt them and keep them out of the 2024 postseason.
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Torts put on blast for terrible overtime strategy

Which forwards should be starting overtime?

Konecny and Tippett00 %
Konecny and Frost00 %
Frost and Tippett00 %
All 3, play without a defenseman, just to start00 %
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