BREAKING: Former goalie suing OHL for mistreatment of injury

Published February 21, 2024 at 11:55

Wednesday morning brought groundbreaking news out of the OHL (Ontario Hockey League) as a former goalie is suing the league for as much as $300,000 due to mistreatment of an injury and a number of other displeasures coming out of the goalie. The news was first reported by Rick Westhead of TSN as more details in the case come to the forefront.

On April 1, 2022, Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds goaltender Tucker Tynan's life was changed forever as he suffered a gruesome shoulder injury on the ice, and has not played a game of hockey since the injury.

After suffering the injury, Tynan asked to be taken to the hospital after he was in excrutiating pain, but his request was denied by the team as it only resulted in further pain from the injury.

The court document reads:

"Tynan, who suffered an anterior dislocation at the time, in excruciating pain, had no choice but to abide by Cooper's decision. Cooper, using his hands, proceeded to forcibly and manually manipulate and shift the shoulder back into its socket, causing Tynan to suffer horrific pain.»

Following his injury, Tynan asked to be removed from the active roster multiple times, but his request was denied and rather met with insults and fellow coaches and people within the organization calling him selfish and to take some advil.

"After telling Dean and Raftis how much pain he was in, Dean allegedly responded by calling Tynan derogatory and offensive language, according to the claim, saying Tynan was selfish for not wanting to participate in the team practice.»

Tynan continued to be ignored and undermined by coaches and trainers in the organization, and also forced to perform through a gruesome injury. When Tynan returned to his home in Arizona in May and sought proper medical attention, it was determined that Tynan's injury was in fact something serious.

«On Sept. 20, 2022, during Tynan's follow up with Dr. Nguyen, it was diagnosed that the MRI had shown a labrum tear, along with ligament tears,» the lawsuit said. «It was confirmed with Dr. Nguyen that this would require surgery.»

Tynan is seeking $300,000 in the lawsuit from the OHL however no amount of money can repay for Tynan essentially losing the rest of his hockey career.
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BREAKING: Former goalie suing OHL for mistreatment of injury

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