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Carter Hart set to return tonight against Detroit

Published December 22, 2023 at 4:56 PM

For the first time since December 9, the Philadelphia Flyers will have their 25-year-old goaltender behind the net again tonight as Carter Hart is set to make his return in Detroit against the Red Wings. For the past two weeks or so, Hart has been dealing with an undisclosed medical illness that he was finally able to get proper treatment for.

Over the past few days, it was reported that Hart was trending in the right direction but still no decision was made for him to play. Last night, Hart was officially taken off of the day-to-day injury list and was the backup to Sameul Ersson as the Flyers lost 3-2 to the Nashville Predators.

Tonight, Hart is back in goal and is ready to make his first start since an impressive display against the Colorado Avalanche where Hart stopped 36 shots as the Flyers dominated the Avs 5-2.

Hart will have a great opportunity to get back into a rhythm and send the Flyers into Christmas on a high note as they face a Red Wings team who has lost four straight.

Although it's undisclosed as to what specifically Hart was battling, it seems as if Hart has finally been able to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment and is ready to be back on the ice helping his team win games.

"It has been going on for a while. I used to never get sick and now I think I've been sick three times in the last month, so something is going on. It's good that we got to the bottom of it and figured it out. Now I can take the right steps to treat it and fix it and feel better going forward."
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