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Breaking News: Friedman announces major roster move for Flyers

Published March 28, 2024 at 12:56

With the Flyers still reeling from the departure of Carter Hart, moments ago it was announced by Elliotte Friedman of the 32 Thoughts podcast that Ivan Fedotov, one of the Flyers promising goaltending prospects will be on track to begin his career with the Flyers in the very near future.

This breaking news is quite remarkable for the Flyers after it was announced by CSKA Moscow this morning that Fedotov's contract in the KHL was terminated.
The KHL in the Flyers were mired in a contract dispute as the Flyers pushed for Fedotov's contract to be tolled one year as they felt he was still under the rights of the team rather than the KHL.

Fedotov's contract will end on July 1st.

During his only season with CSKA, he played 44 games for Moscow with a record of 21-22-1 and held 2.37 goals against with a .914 save percentage.

This is great news for the team as they are looking to solidify a playoff spot for the first time since 2020.

More to come with this story as events continue to unfold.
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Breaking News: Friedman announces major roster move for Flyers

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