Brad Marchand elbows Viktor Arvidsson
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Hated NHL'er facing suspension after brutal hit on Arvidsson

Published February 18, 2024 at 6:26

The talk of league suspensions and suspendable hits has been ongoing since last Saturday when the Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Reilly hit Ottawa Senators forward Ridly Grieg in the head after and embellished slapshot at the end of the game.

It reached fever pitch on Saturday afternoon when the Boston Bruins were playing the Los Angeles Kings in a matinee game. League pest and Bruins forward Brad Marsha was at the forefront after he delivered a vicious elbow against Kings left winger Victor Arvidsson.

After watching the replay, it was clear that Marchand had intent to lay the elbow on Arvidsson and did not avoid the collision or turn his body absorb the impact.
NHL fans across the league will be watching with intent on what will happen with Marchand, as he is known for this kind of behavior in the past and especially on the heels of the Morgan Reilly incident.

Many on social media began shouting at least five games for this hit. Time will tell if anything will happen to one of the league's most hated players.
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Hated NHL'er facing suspension after brutal hit on Arvidsson

how many games should Brad Marchand get for his elbow to Viktor Arvidsson?

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