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John Tortorella explains why Brad Shaw did the presser last Tuesday

Published March 28, 2024 at 9:05 PM

After every Flyers game, win or lose, we expect John Tortorella to speak with the media. However, last Tuesday after the Flyers lost to the New York Rangers, we did not see John Tortorella speak with the media. However, now we know why, we instead saw Flyers associate coach Brad Shaw speak with the media in place of John Tortorella.

When asked on why he did not speak with the media, his response was as follows

"If I have family, a couple of times I have had family. I spend enough time with you guys throughout the year. If I have family in the building, I'm not losing any minutes spending time with them."

Clearly, the Flyers head coach had family with him in the building and he wanted to make sure he could get all the time with his family that he could. When NHL players and coaches have careers where they spend half the year traveling the United States and Canada we can see why, he did not want to lose any time with his family. However, we should see John Tortorella tonight after the Flyers game against the Montreal Canadiens
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John Tortorella explains why Brad Shaw did the presser last Tuesday

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