Flyers release major update on availability of defensemen

Travis Politakis
March 1, 2024  (3:19 PM)

Sean Walker and Nick Seeler on the attack earlier in the season against Calgary.
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The past few days have seen some dominoes begin to fall as the trade deadline is quickly approaching, with the clock ticking down on seven days. After two trades were completed in the past two days, one involving Chris Tanev going from Calgary to Dallas and a second seeing Ily Lyubushkin go from Anaheim to Toronto, many feel these deals have begun to set a market price for the deadline and thus will affect both the availability and asking price around two key members of the Flyers.

It feels like everyday for the past month, reporters and analysts have been all over the Flyers dynamic defensive duo of Sean Walker and Nick Seeler, who have drawn strong interest from a number of teams including the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Toronto was extremely interested in Chris Tanev and were extremely active in trade talks with Calgary. However, according to prominent NHL reporter Pierre LeBrun, the two sides ultimately were unable to come to an agreement, solely because Toronto was unwilling to part ways with a first round pick.
"LeBrun confirmed that Treliving's lack of willingness to part with a first-round pick caused Calgary to ultimately decline their offer. However, the Flames' interest in Stars defense prospect Artyom Grushnikov is quickly looking like what turned the tides in Dallas' favor."

LeBrun also reported that the only other team in trade talks with Tanev that was willing to put a first round pick on the table was Edmonton, another team who has shown interest in Walker and Seeler.
"Edmonton was most likely the team that packaged a first-round pick in their offer for Tanev. They're continuing to shop this year's first-rounder, along with a roster player, likely defensemen Cody Ceci or Brett Kulak, for an upgrade on defense.

How does this affect the Flyers? Well since the beginning of trade talks, the Flyers have made it clear that they are actively looking for first round picks, for each Walker and Seeler and will stand pretty firm on that.
If Toronto is that unwilling to part from a first round pick, does that change their stance on acquiring the Flyers defensemen despite showing strong interest? With Edmonton having a first on the table in Tanev trade talks, the Oilers seem to have a better chance on landing the Flyers defensive duo than Toronto.
Will Toronto stand firm on keeping their first round pick or will Danny Briere be able to work some sales magic and pry a first from their hands?
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Flyers release major update on availability of defensemen

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