Flyers need of elite defenseman still remains apparent

Published February 19, 2024 at 6:01 PM

On Monday afternoon, it was reported that the Philadelphia Flyers are not only going to explore re-signing defenseman Sean Walker, but that a deal could be coming very soon. As Walker has definitely earned a contract and has had the best season of his career after being dumped away by the Los Angeles Kings, many fans are saying that the Flyers are still in need of an elite defenseman.

When you think of top defenseman in the NHL, you think of guys like Cale Makar, Roman Josi, Victor Hedman, and Adam Fox. Currently for the Flyers, they have been rolling with the defensive core Travis Sanheim, Cam York, and Jamie Drysdale. All solid, young players with tremendous upside, but not the superstar quality that guys like Cale Makar bring.

With the Flyers seemingly adding Walker to that core of defenseman, is there still more the Flyers need to do on the defensive end of their roster?

Trading for Jamie Drysdale was the right move and Drysdale has a tremendous upside as he is in his early-twenties and still learning the game. The Flyers are really counting on Drysdale to be that superstar-type of defenseman for the Flyers in the future, especially considering they gave op their top prospect in Cutter Gauthier for him.

One last interesting point to note is that the year that Matvei Michkov is eligible to come to the Flyers, 2026, is the same season that top defenseman Cale Makar is a free agent. Just imagine.
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Flyers need of elite defenseman still remains apparent

Who is the best defenseman in the NHL?

Cale Makar5850.9 %
Victor Hedman2118.4 %
Roman Josi97.9 %
Other2622.8 %
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